rAge 2012: T-shirt Terrorist

Walking the floor of rAge, people tend to notice the bigger stalls first and the little ones seem to fall by the wayside. One such stand is that of the T-shirt Terrorist, a Johannesburg based shop that sells and designs satirical and offensive T-shirts. We caught up with Richard Foxcroft aka “Harry Fokker”, the sole proprietor of the business. The T-shirt Terrorist was started in 2003 after a flow of too many ideas at once. Out of those ideas, the business of selling these awesome shirts was born.

According to Foxcroft, he tries to create one shirt design per week, that’s around 52 designs a year. The T-shirt Terrorist is primarily an online store but they also operate out of the Randburg Flea Market and Brightwater Commons. As mentioned before, the business is run and owned by Foxcroft, leaving loads of room for his creativity to flow without any restrictions.

The styles of the shirts vary from being offensive to being outright hilarious. The inspiration comes from current pop culture but derives more from nerd culture than anything else. There are also various shirts that boast designs that are very similar to the memes of today. However, they are not that plain in their design as each shirt seems to have a slight twist the design to make it more humorous.

If you’re a bit of an unusual T-shirt collector like myself, then you’ll definitely want to check them out.

If you would like to win one of these awesome shirts at rAge, then head over to the T-shirt terrorist stall and say “ITF Gaming sent me”. The first two people to get there and say that phrase, will win a shirt of their choice. Please leave your name and number with Richard and we’ll contact you for a photo op.

Nintendo Wii U Reviews

rAge 2012: Nintendo Wii U on show

At the main stage at rAge, Nintendo were showcasing their soon to be released console: the Nintendo Wii U. As with the previous coverage, the new Wii U game-pad was showcased, the touch screen in particular being showcased and its uses being specified. In short, the Wii U’s controller will allow for use with both the television screen and on-controller screen for gameplay, and certain games will not even require the use of a television set for visuals. If this sounds a daunting prospect, worry not, all 3 versions of the Wii U Console will ship with the new gamepad, and the original Nintendo Wii’s peripherals can also be used with the new console.

The intention of this presentation, however, was to showcase the Wii U Fit – the next gen extension of the Nintendo Wii Fit functionality. Furthering the intention of the original device, the Wii U Fit intensifies the workout and gamers will feel the proverbial “burn” as they play their Wii U Fit games. Fitness stats will be able to be recorded, as will a player’s progress, mass and height statistics. Self-conscious users will be able to keep their statistics to themselves, as they will be displayable on the Wii U game-pad screen. Unfortunately, at the time of the presentation, the Nintendo representatives were not able to get the Nintendo Balance Board for the fitness activities working and no gameplay could be shown; However, the Nintendo stand had a working Wii U Fit system at the time and I will be covering the Nintendo presentation tomorrow morning and adding onto this article from what is shown.


rAge 2012: Forza Horizon Hands-On

Forza Horizon is the latest title in the Forza series of racing titles, and was playable at this year’s Microsoft Xbox 360 stand at rAge 2012. Roaring into life is how I would describe my initial experience with the Forza Horizon playable demo, the vehicles sprinted down the road with extreme pace and the distinctive growls of their engines echoed through the provided Tritton Headsets. The visuals shown were fantastic, vivid and the landscapes flew past me as the motion blur kicked in, not to mention the car models, which looked absolutely sublime. At my last viewing, there were nine consoles running Forza Horizon, so if you’re an Xbox 360 owner, a fan of the Forza series or both, I would highly recommend giving Forza Horizon a try.

Playing Forza Horizon may have also netted a few players a prize over the weekend of rAge 2012, as there was a competition hosted on the stand. By posting your Forza Horizon experience and entering online at the actual stand, you stand in line to win a ride in a Ferrari F360 driven by South African racer, Jaki Schekter around Zwartkops International raceway. This drive will most likely reach speeds of up to 260 km/h, which will test the Italian sports car’s sophisticated braking system to the fullest extent. The winner will also receive a Wireless Racing Wheel and Forza Horizon, while the two runners up will both receive a copy of the game.

Thankfully, the Forza part of the Xbox stand was open until Sunday, the final day of rAge 2012. Good luck to those who entered!


rAge 2012: ITF Gaming’s sit-down interview with Travis Bulford of Celestial Games

We caught up with Travis Bulford at rAge 2012 and asked him a few questions regarding the launch of their HD reimagining of Toxic Bunny.

Jonathan: Tell us a bit of the reformation of Celestial Games. What prompted it?

Travis: In 2010, Nick and I were talking about it for some time. There really wasn’t much cultural change so we as coffee drinking lunatics saw an opportunity to reintroduce Celestial Games. With the Indie developer market growing as it was we just knew. It was time.

Jonathan: Who are the guys behind Celestial Games? Tell us a bit more about yourselves.

Travis: Nick and myself were the only returning team members from the original Celestial Games. New members are Paul, Chanel, Jaundre, Bryan and Cobus, in no particular order. Paul, Jaundre and Travis are behind Development and Chanel and Nick do all the copywriting. Paul and Cobus are the art team. Nick and Travis are the game’s creative leads.

Jonathan: How did Toxic Bunny originally come into existence as a character and a game? What was your motivation behind the idea?

Travis: Nick and Brian (Johnson) dreamed up Toxic Bunny while fencing in High School. When we started on Celestial, Travis was already working on something else. But we quickly realised that we could only work on one game. So we picked Toxic Bunny.

Jonathan: What inspired you (and your team) to get into video game developing?

Travis: I think I play a game, more than I write a game. I always liked the dynamics behind a game. Nick loves ideas and he wants his crazy games exposed in many forms of media including games, movies, etc. The new team are gamers at heart and they have the right skills, and desires and as a result the team got together based on their mutual love for gaming.

Jonathan: We note that Toxic is a caffeine addict. Are any of the team at Celestial Games caffeine addicts and what brands of coffee are your favourites?

Travis: Nick and myself are most definitely coffee addicts. Black bovine lactate. No specific brand. Definitely perculated, not instant. And readily available. Ever since I started working with the new time, I’ve had a huge influence on the rest of the team and they have all become coffee addicts as well.

Jonathan: With the reformation of Celestial Games and the reimaging of Toxic Bunny as an HD title, can we expect any more Toxic Bunny games down the line.

Travis: We certainly hope so. We don’t have anything planned other than the immediate ports. We have loose plans in place for Toxic Bunny for the future.

Jonathan: While we’re on the topic of the future, are there any other titles in the pipeline for Celestial Games?

Travis: Yes. The only thing I am willing to divulge at this stage is a name. Macrocosm.

Jonathan: Do you have any hints, tips or any other useful information you would like to share with gamers out there who will be picking up Toxic Bunny HD?

Travis: If you want to finish the game, learn to use the potion combination. Save all your lives for level 4. Level 4 gets a bit barbaric. Collect and kill anything you come across. Drink lots of coffee in and out of the game.

Jonathan: With South Africa not overtly involved in Video Game Development in the world spectrum, do you have any advice for any would-be video game developers on our fair shores.

Travis: A lot of people are talking about creating video games. Just do it. Get out there and do it. There’s gonna be a lot of local people to help you. In Jim Morrison’s words “Build it and it will come”. There’s a lot of nay-sayers, ignore them and just do it. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you all about a forum where prospective game developers in South Africa can get together and discuss their passion. Check out

Darryl: Is Toxic based on any one person?

Travis: Toxic is based on the idea that someone or something that you don’t expect, will fight back, and persevere. He basically never gives up no matter what. Toxic is a little bunny, and you don’t expect a little bunny to fight back.

Jonathan: Lastly, if gamers would like to get in touch with Celestial Games, how can they do that?

Travis: You can drop us an e-mail at We prefer to be contacted via e-mail as it is easier to get back to everyone that way. We certainly see ourselves as being accessible, so if you have any questions, please drop us an e-mail.

The game will be selling at a recommended retail price of R149 and is being distributed by Apex Interactive.

Travis had these final words to say about Toxic Bunny HD – “I hope people enjoy Toxic Bunny HD as much as we enjoyed making it.”


ITF Gaming’s hottest cosplay and booth babes of rAge 2012

While travelling through rAge 2012, we happened to come across a myriad of exciting and creative Cosplayers. For those who do not know. Cosplay is the art of tailoring your own outfits that makes you look like either your favourite comic book/anime character or your favourite video game character. Some people even dress up like their favourite movie characters.

In addition to the Cosplayers who graced the expo floor, there were also quite a few attractive booth babes that we had to take some snaps of.

These are some of our favourites from rAge 2012, in no specific order.

In the Cosplay corner we have:


Assassin’s Creed:

Assassin’s Creed:


Kingdom Hearts:

Silent Hill:

Medal of Honor:

Now for the hottest and cutest booth babes and promoters at the event:

Assassin’s Creed III ladies:

The Turtle Beach and Gioteck ladies:

Kalahari babes:

Kalahari babes mixing it up with a little surgery:

Black Ops 2 Promoters:

Dion Wired babes: