Twitch streamer beats Dark Souls without being hit

Twitch Streamer The_Happy_Hobbit has just set a new world record by completing the very first no-hit playthrough of Dark Souls.

The_Happy_Hobbit has done the impossible; beating a game known for its punishing difficulty without taking a hit. Beating Dark Souls without being harmed by an enemy is something that no one has recorded themselves doing, until now.

How does he plan on following this, you ask? Well, he’s just jumped into a livestream of another playthrough of the game. Holy shit, that’s quite a feat. Well done to him; he must’ve been working hard on this for quite a while.


Far Cry Primal review roundup

Far Cry Primal releases tomorrow and some critics have enough time with the game in order to formulate an opinion – does it improve on what its predecessors achieved?

Far Cry Primal is out this week and instead of taking place in a modern setting, it’s set in a prehistoric land. Some elements will feel familiar to fans of the previous titles such as hunting wildlife and crafting weapons. There’s no cooperative mode feature this time around and will be rather heavy on the storyline.

Here’s a roundup of the reviews thus far:

GameSpot – 8/10
Forbes – 8/10
The Koalition – 95%
IGN – 7.9
Shacknews – 6/10
GamesRadar – 3/5
Hardcore Gamer – 4/5
Time – 4/5
Game Reactor – 8/10
Evening Standard – 4/5
Push Square – 7/10
Lazy Gamer – 7.7
VentureBeat – 73/100

Brady Ruiters

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The Walking Dead: Michonne Launch Trailer

The first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne releases this week and a launch trailer for the first episode has been released.

Telltale Games has released a trailer for “In Too Deep”, the first episode from The Walking Dead Michonne. The three-part miniseries starts with the launch of the first episode on 23 February.

The first episode sees Michonne join Pete and his crew aboard The Companion, a ship moving along the coast looking for survivors and supplies.

The first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne will be available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


PlayStation Store leaks upcoming Uncharted 4 open beta

It seems as though Uncharted 4 will be having an open beta this weekend.

Despite neither Sony or Naughty Dog announcing the open beta for Uncharted 4, a listing for an open beta on the EU PlayStation Store has let the cat out of the bag.

At the time of writing, the page is yet to be taken down and confirms that the beta will be starting Friday 4 March at 17:00 GMT (19:00 here in South Africa). It doesn’t seem as though the beta will last too long as the end date specified is Sunday 6 March.

Only one mode will be available in Team Deathmatch, with matches taking place on three of the game’s maps. Unfortunately no mention has been made with regards to the size of the beta client.

Uncharted 4 did have a closed beta recently but was only available to owners of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is out in the last week of April 2016.

Source: ShackNewsPlayStation Store


The Division – review roundup

Nearly a week after The Division’s release, some critics have delivered their verdict of the game.

Ubisoft’s RPG Shooter, The Division has been in the hands of gamers a critics alike for nearly a week. Some have reached the campaign level cap of 30 or the Dark Zones cap of Level 50.

If they’ve been doing it right, they should have sunk many hours into the shooter. Some of the earlier reviews have already surfaced and more are yet to come. Check out some of the scores below:

Gamespy – 5/5
GameSpot – 8/10
Metro GameCentral – 7/10
Daily Star – 4/5
The Examiner – 5/5
Cheat Code Central – 4.6/5
IGN Italia – 9/10
JeuxActu – 17/20
The Jimquisition – 6.5/10
Eurogamer Italy – 9/10
Xbox Achievements – 80/100
Hardcore Gamer – 4/5
Ars Technica – no score
PC Games N – 8/10

The Division is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Hashtag Escape is the latest craze in South Africa

We had the amazing opportunity to test out, with fellow media, the latest craze to hit South Africa – Hashtag Escape. Run by Christopher Tsatsarolakis and Stratis Kouvdis, located at 39 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg, Hashtag Escape offers South Africans a new and unique experience.

Essentially, you and a team of 3-6 friends are locked in a mysterious room… Once your team enters the room, you will have 1-hour to solve various riddles and puzzles in order to escape the room.

Granted, being locked in a room can be slightly daunting for some; however, the team at Hashtag Escape monitors the room constantly. This is done by Closed Circuit Television in order to make sure the players are safe at all times. In addition to the safety of the players, the team also uses the system to relay hints and tips… Just in case your team is struggling.

Overall, Hashtag Escape is well-worth checking out… It’s fun, interactive and a great friendship/team building experience. The two main rooms have been previewed in the videos below; however, the team is developing a third room, which – from what we have been told – is going to blow your mind!


Unboxing the Overwatch Recruit Kit

Thanks to the folks over at Megarom Interactive and Blizzard Entertainment, we received the Overwatch Recruit Kit (Press Kit). Overwatch is expected to launch on May 24, 2016 on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

Since the beta, Overwatch has been on our radar, and from what we have experienced… it’s pretty dam awesome! So, without further delay… Let’s get straight to the unboxing of the Overwatch Recruit Kit.

Don’t forget to scroll down further for some gameplay from the multiplayer beta!

News Previews

Resident Evil 7 demo walkthrough and ending

The Resident Evil 7 Teaser is now available to PlayStation Plus members. The game is expected to land in 2017, and has been developed by the talented team at Capcom.

The demo is roughly around 20 minutes long, and feels more like the past P.T experience. When it comes to story, the demo follows a cameraman, host, and producer as they explore an abandoned house.

The demo is genuinely creepy, and well worth multiple playthroughs. Players have reported multiple ways to exit the house as well as found various different items. There is also a mysterious girl who keeps popping up; however, this is not something I came across… unless I missed it?

According to Capcom, the demo does not represent the final product, and Resident Evil 7 will be more like the classic Resident Evil experience.

“Puzzle solving, resource management, and combat” are all “coming down the line,” director Koushi Nakanishi told IGN. “They’re all in there, but we’re focusing on horror has come home as a kind of theme for the teaser demo. So if you thought the games were going away from horror in previous years, this is just a statement of intent, purpose, to say it’s back.”

Check out the gameplay below. Video contains strong language, and gore.