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Red Dead Redemption Review

Ever wanted to be a cowboy? Or even play as one in a video game? Maybe an outlaw robbing banks and jumping on moving trains. Possibly being the sharpshooting hero, eliminating all opponents who decide to challenge you. The setting of the Wild West has been a somewhat neglected one, as not many games have been set during this era. Red Dead Redemption is finally here and the West is going to seem wilder than ever.

You play as John Marston, a former outlaw looking to turn over a new leaf, after the gang he rode with left him for dead. John starts a new life but the government then forces him to track down his old gang and either capture or kill all of them. You might be thinking right now, “How do they force him to do this?” Well, the government has some collateral which will not be mentioned as that just spoils it for those who haven’t played the game. The characters you will end up meeting really drive the story along, although John Marston’s character seems somewhat inclined to help anyone and everyone he meets despite the fact that he has his own problems to deal with. Other than that, the story is great. You will also be able to meet strangers across the vast land that might be in need of some assistance.

Rockstar Games have become the kings of the open world genre after creating the Grand Theft Auto Series (commonly known as GTA). Red Dead Redemption is no exception. Anyone who has played a Grand Theft Auto game will notice that the presentation is very similar in this game. Examples of this are the blips on the mini-map and the conversations between characters on route to their destination. But this is more than just GTA of the Wild West. There is so much to do and so much to see. You can hunt animals and sell their fur, meat and skin in the stores located in towns. People will challenge you to quick draw gun duels where you can teach them a lesson for being too cocky. Bounties will be offered for wanted criminals and you can choose whether to kill them or hand them over to the authorities. You will also be able to lasso and break wild horses so that they may become your trusty steed. Different outfits can also be found that have abilities to assist you with certain situations. Those are only a few of the things you can do. One of the greatest features about Red Dead Redemption is the fact that random people that come up to you and ask for assistance with small tasks. Be it retrieving someone’s stolen horse or saving a woman from being kidnapped.


The presentation of the game is excellent. Rockstar has really captured the essence of the Wild West. The graphics are some of the best seen and the art style is very nicely done. The characters look great and the horses in motion look very lifelike. However, a few graphical bugs are present but when looking at the entire game, it’s a very small problem.

The audio in the game is just as great as the graphics (Never hurts, right?). The soundtrack has the classic Western music you would expect to hear in a film of the same genre. The voice acting is also top notch and brings the characters to life.

Overall, Red Dead Redemption really is an excellent game. You have the story but so many other factors to keep you occupied for quite a long time. It offers you so much! A lot of work has gone into the development process. Red Dead Redemption was definitely worth the wait, the story is awesome and so are the characters. Plus it’s just so much fun to play. Red Dead Redemption is a definite must have in any gamer’s collection.

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