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rAge 2012: T-shirt Terrorist

Walking the floor of rAge, people tend to notice the bigger stalls first and the little ones seem to fall by the wayside. One such stand is that of the T-shirt Terrorist, a Johannesburg based shop that sells and designs satirical and offensive T-shirts. We caught up with Richard Foxcroft aka “Harry Fokker”, the sole proprietor of the business. The T-shirt Terrorist was started in 2003 after a flow of too many ideas at once. Out of those ideas, the business of selling these awesome shirts was born.

According to Foxcroft, he tries to create one shirt design per week, that’s around 52 designs a year. The T-shirt Terrorist is primarily an online store but they also operate out of the Randburg Flea Market and Brightwater Commons. As mentioned before, the business is run and owned by Foxcroft, leaving loads of room for his creativity to flow without any restrictions.

The styles of the shirts vary from being offensive to being outright hilarious. The inspiration comes from current pop culture but derives more from nerd culture than anything else. There are also various shirts that boast designs that are very similar to the memes of today. However, they are not that plain in their design as each shirt seems to have a slight twist the design to make it more humorous.

If you’re a bit of an unusual T-shirt collector like myself, then you’ll definitely want to check them out.

If you would like to win one of these awesome shirts at rAge, then head over to the T-shirt terrorist stall and say “ITF Gaming sent me”. The first two people to get there and say that phrase, will win a shirt of their choice. Please leave your name and number with Richard and we’ll contact you for a photo op.

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