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rAge 2012: Nintendo Wii U on show

At the main stage at rAge, Nintendo were showcasing their soon to be released console: the Nintendo Wii U. As with the previous coverage, the new Wii U game-pad was showcased, the touch screen in particular being showcased and its uses being specified. In short, the Wii U’s controller will allow for use with both the television screen and on-controller screen for gameplay, and certain games will not even require the use of a television set for visuals. If this sounds a daunting prospect, worry not, all 3 versions of the Wii U Console will ship with the new gamepad, and the original Nintendo Wii’s peripherals can also be used with the new console.

The intention of this presentation, however, was to showcase the Wii U Fit – the next gen extension of the Nintendo Wii Fit functionality. Furthering the intention of the original device, the Wii U Fit intensifies the workout and gamers will feel the proverbial “burn” as they play their Wii U Fit games. Fitness stats will be able to be recorded, as will a player’s progress, mass and height statistics. Self-conscious users will be able to keep their statistics to themselves, as they will be displayable on the Wii U game-pad screen. Unfortunately, at the time of the presentation, the Nintendo representatives were not able to get the Nintendo Balance Board for the fitness activities working and no gameplay could be shown; However, the Nintendo stand had a working Wii U Fit system at the time and I will be covering the Nintendo presentation tomorrow morning and adding onto this article from what is shown.

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