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rAge 2012: ITF Arrival

As the sun rose over the hustle and bustle of Jo’burg, the ITF Team prepared to charge into rAge! The preparations were complete, Darryl’s ominous surveying of the state of affairs in general, Brady did his two thousand and first sit-up, Jonathan awkwardly hugged his last victim and I did my last odd job. rAge Expo 2012 was at hand. We assembled, ITF Gaming T-Shirt and Press Pass clad, and all squeezed into Darryl’s car. As we screamed towards the Coca-Cola Dome, Brady was astounded, as his last memory of the Dome was 2 years ago where he remembers only grassland and trees.

Entering the event, we all put on our most patriotic poses and charged into the chaos which is rAge. Jonathan charged in, immediately charging through barriers and awkwardly hugging Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and I did my best to rock out with Mario and Luigi, while Darryl and Brady retained their civility and respectability.

ITF Gaming will be covering rAge 2012 this entire weekend; If you see us, feel free to say hi! We will have several spot prizes on offer periodically and we will all be in ITF Gaming T-Shirts. Expect to see coverage of various stalls and presentations popping up throughout today and the rest of the weekend, and feel free to give us your feedback.

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