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Prototype 2 launch parties spread the Infection

The city of Johannesburg seemed calm that night; however, little did it know that a virus had been spreading amongst the population at a rapid rate, this virus was called the Mercer virus… Upon arrival, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank Johannesburg, I came into contact with others who seemed keen to spread the infection with me. The plan for the widespread infection was easy enough and it came in the form of Prototype 2, which I might add; had already hit the city of Cape Town at the same time thanks to the team at 2upGamers. With one goal in mind, we all congregated in one of the conference halls to be briefed of the current contamination statistics.

Jarrod Lane from JHBGamers kicked off the event formalities; however, he had already been struck down by the Mercer virus, but he pushed on to provide a sensational introduction to what promised to be great evening filled with Monster Energy drinks, Boerewors rolls and a hands on experience with Prototype 2, thanks to the team at Megarom Games and Maingaming South Africa. After Lane’s initial introduction, Devon Stanton from Megarom Games introduced us to some of the major highlights of Prototype 2, as well as a rather interesting teaser trailer of Diablo III, which made everyone’s excitement levels hit a major high point for the evening.

Once the formalities were out the way, many of the attendees rushed off to socialise, play Prototype 2 and consume as many Monster Energy drinks as humanly possible. If that was not enough, Jarrod Lane and Devon Stanton gave away quite a few Prototype 2 t-shirts and also held a lucky draw, which saw two attendees at the event walk away with a copy of Prototype 2 each.

Overall, the Johannesburg event was a massive success and left a lot of the attendees glowing, which could have been the result of all those Monster Energy drinks, or the fact that they just experienced a really fantastic evening… I think it was quite honestly a little of both.

Cape Town:
Thunder, lightning and pouring rain; all this was not enough to stop gamers from leaving the comfort of their homes to attend the Cape Town launch party for Prototype 2, organised by the guys from 2upGamers. The air was a little icy upon my arrival at the Rygersdal Sports Club in Rondebosch and the crowd of early arrivals was a small one. Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Was I at the wrong event? Turns out it was neither; it seems as if the weather had made everyone’s journey just a little bit longer.

After a little while, everyone was invited inside and processed at the security checkpoint. Thankfully, I made it past the guards and was ready to spread the Mercer Virus even further. After nearly all of the attendees had grabbed a seat, we were welcomed by Glenn Alexander from the 2upGamers Team. After this warm welcome, the team attempted to make contact with the launch party taking place in Johannesburg, organised by JHBGamers. Unfortunately, we were not able to make contact with them, despite the constant trying. Before allowing those in attendance to go and play Prototype 2, Mr. Alexander decided to give out a few T-shirts to those who could answer questions correctly. Now that’s how you start off the evening!

Three Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles were set up so that many gamers could have a crack at the game at the same time. Man, did they run to those consoles! I swear that I saw one gamer actually standing with a controller in his hand for most of the night. I don’t even think that he had something to eat.

After a little while, food arrived in the form of Hotdogs, New York City Style. The beverage of choice for the evening was Monster Energy Drinks; if nobody was infected upon entering the building, they definitely were after having a sip from that can, with a sugar rush that is.

There were also a few cosplayers who showed up for the event. One gamer was dressed up as a soldier in full military gear while another was outfitted like the anti-hero of the first Prototype game, Alex Mercer, complete with blade-arm. Also, I’m pretty sure that I saw someone dressed as Goku or Gohan from the anime series, Dragonball Z. However, there could be only one attendee who could win the prize of having the best outfit. That prize went to the gamer outfitted like Alex Mercer. You may be asking, “What prize did he get for his effort?” Well, he was lucky enough to receive the Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition. How awesome is that?

All in all, it was a great event. Lot’s of socialising took place and many laughs were had throughout the evening. Everyone in attendance was even lucky enough to receive in-game DLC for Prototype 2, courtesy of Megarom at both events. The end of the evening also had many gamers excited as the 2upGamers 5th Round would be taking place on May 4th, not too long to wait until the next get-together.

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