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Look & Listen Diablo III midnight launch a rocking success

Look & Listen, situated in Fourways Johannesburg, held one hell of an epic Diablo III launch party! Upon arrival to the midnight launch, gamers were treated to some rather tasty snacks, coldrinks and a phenomenal evening of entertainment. The event kicked off at around 21:15pm and gamers attended in the masses. Among the attendees was the team from Megarom Interactive, official distributor of Diablo III in South Africa.

Apart from the main highlight of the release of Diablo III, the team at Look & Listen entertained gamers with stylish fire dancers. The fire dancers thrilled the crowd with intense, theatrical movements using various tools of the fire dancing trade, which included the world renowned Poi – A pair of roughly arm-length chains with handles attached to one end and bundled with wicking material on the other, and Staffs – A rod of wood or metal, with wicking material applied to one or both ends.

If fire dancers were not enough, the crowd was also treated to an exuberant performance by local South African metal band, Agro. Agro enticed the crowd with a powerful performance that really set the mood for the launch of one the most anticipated games of 2012. Cliff Crabb, lead singer of Agro, also hyped up the fans at the Diablo III launch with some fantastic giveaways, which included Diablo III merchandise and other awesome goodies.

Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in the early 1990’s, Agro have been the forerunners of Heavy Metal on the African continent for many years and continue striving to enlighten all in their path, preaching the true ethics of real metal! To be honest, Agro’s music can be best described as powerful, heavy, fast, intriguing and ultimately symphonic. The band truly knows how to entertain a crowd and many attendees to the Diablo III midnight launch were rocking the night away in style… Cosplay style!

While I have attended many midnight launches in the past, the team at Look & Listen really blew my mind! Here is hoping to attend many more launches like this in future.

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