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Gioteck: DF-1 DuelFuel Ammo Box Review.

The Gioteck DF-1 DuelFuel Ammo Box for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 takes charging your controllers to a whole new level! Packaged within a full metal jacket casing, the DF-1 DuelFuel Ammo Box eliminates the clutter and wires that surround your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 whilst charging your battery packs. While most plug and charge kits can only accommodate one controller at a time the DF-1 DuelFuel Ammo Box can accommodate two. Additionally, the charge kit is powered by A/C power, which means you can plug it into any main power source and achieve a much faster charging time than conventional USB charge kits.

Another upside to the DF-1 DuelFuel Ammo Box is its authentic military design, which is appealing to the eye and easy to store either next to your console or within a suitable storage area; however, I suggest leaving it out in full view as it truly compliments your console space.

When it comes to charging, the DF-1 Duel Ammo Box features external charge indicators that will allow you to keep track of the current charge status of your controllers. Additionally the charge kit for the Xbox 360 comes standard with two contact charging battery packs, which is perfect for gamers who need their controllers at peak performance all the time.

The Conclusion:
Gioteck definitely has a wide variety of products that compliment gaming in a really unique, stylish and visually appealing fashion. While the DF-1 DuelFuel Ammo Box is definitely a great piece of kit to look at, it is also a great alternative to the stock standard plug and charge kits on the market at the moment.

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