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rAge 2012: Forza Horizon Hands-On

Forza Horizon is the latest title in the Forza series of racing titles, and was playable at this year’s Microsoft Xbox 360 stand at rAge 2012. Roaring into life is how I would describe my initial experience with the Forza Horizon playable demo, the vehicles sprinted down the road with extreme pace and the distinctive growls of their engines echoed through the provided Tritton Headsets. The visuals shown were fantastic, vivid and the landscapes flew past me as the motion blur kicked in, not to mention the car models, which looked absolutely sublime. At my last viewing, there were nine consoles running Forza Horizon, so if you’re an Xbox 360 owner, a fan of the Forza series or both, I would highly recommend giving Forza Horizon a try.

Playing Forza Horizon may have also netted a few players a prize over the weekend of rAge 2012, as there was a competition hosted on the stand. By posting your Forza Horizon experience and entering online at the actual stand, you stand in line to win a ride in a Ferrari F360 driven by South African racer, Jaki Schekter around Zwartkops International raceway. This drive will most likely reach speeds of up to 260 km/h, which will test the Italian sports car’s sophisticated braking system to the fullest extent. The winner will also receive a Wireless Racing Wheel and Forza Horizon, while the two runners up will both receive a copy of the game.

Thankfully, the Forza part of the Xbox stand was open until Sunday, the final day of rAge 2012. Good luck to those who entered!

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