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Heavy Rain Review

A Different approach to the world of gaming! Developed by Quantic Dream and most definitely a PlayStation 3 exclusive, we wonder how this new style of game-play will affect our Sofa, our wrists and our cheese-puff loving Fingers. But before we get into that, let’s get straight to the Voice Talent.

With no voice we have no game, with no game, the only Heavy Rain Gamers will experience is accumulated thunder showers… Gamers need not purchase an umbrella as Heavy Rain will set the mood. The Voices are in my head? No they are on your screen! Quantic Dream used the voice talents of: Sam Douglas as Scott Shelby, who has featured in a variety of films, which include: Alien Autopsy, Agent Cody Banks 2, Snatch, and the upcoming release Tribe.

Leon Ockenden as Norman Jayden, featuring on a variety of television programs which include: Heartbeat, Heroes and Villains, Tripping Over and Hustle.

Judy Beecher as Madison Paige, in the English Version, her stacked up film career includes: Only in Paris, Simone, Perfect Pitch, Bloodline and the upcoming release Cameraman.

Pascal Langdale as Ethan Mars Featuring on a variety of movies and television programs Pascals arsenal of movies and programs include: My Family, Spooks, The Bill and J’auraid Voule etre un danseur.

With a phenomenal voice cast heavy rain delivers. But where are the Cheese-Puffs? Wait you will experience something far more tasty when digging into heavy Rain, now for those of you who want game-play let’s take a gander into the immerse world of Heavy Rain.

Six-Axis, which is what, will completely appeal to any Gamer out there.
With the usual use of the Six-Axis Controller, gamers feel more involved in the game-play; Quantic Dream has taken this to the next Level! With Gamers being prompted to move the Six-Axis controller in various motions and including vast amounts of Quick-time Events, Gamers are thrown into the world of heavy Rain, While throwing their control about like an individual that is allergic to bee’s, which proves quite entertaining, as the interactive level of game-play is something we have never witnessed before. While missing certain Quick time movements is not a train smash, the game does not end, if a certain character is wasted the story progresses to the next available character.

Tori Amos? Will not be making an appearance in Heavy Rain! Although the massive Story line is one that is emotional, riveting, gripping and pulls a few surprises on the Gamer, and no! Not pulling his pants down in front of a room full of people but by twisting and turning.

The Story revolves around the 4 Characters and the Infamous “Origami Killer” The game opens with Ethan Mars, spending his time with his family. He later loses sight of one of his Kids, at a busy shopping Centre. His Son is found lingering on the busy street, Ethan tries to save him from an oncoming car, which is probably driven by a (cheese-puff munching machine) tragically his son is killed, while Ethan is injured, which puts him into a coma for 6 months. Two years after the accident, Ethan has depression, he has blackouts that last for several hours on end, His wife has left him, and his remaining Son is distant and detached from him, Ethan also has a fear of crowds to add to his problems, while at a park Ethan has another blackout, and wakes to find his Son missing. This event is eventually tied to the “Origami Killer”.

An abrupt Ending? Yes for those gamers interested in finding out what happens next, Grab yourself a Copy of Heavy Rain to experience a truly masterful release and PS3 Exclusive from Quantic Dream.

Slick Stylish Emotional and something you not going to put down! Your wrists, fingers and brain will thank you for purchasing this epic title. Look out For the Latest DLC’s from the PlayStation Network.

Predominantly reviewed on PlayStation 3.

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