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ASUS G Series G53SW Review

Welcome to the world of 3D gaming with the ASUS G Series G53SW 3D laptop. This powerhouse laptop sports a quad-core Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX460M, full HD/LED display, 8GB Ram and 2X 500 GB Hard drives.

The matte black stealth aircraft design of the G53SW is superb, due to the fact that minimal cleaning is needed and it simply just looks wicked. I have spent a lot of time using laptops with a glossy finish and these are a pain to clean to keep them looking in tip-top shape. The entire casing and design of the G53SW is sleek and feels great to handle and the rear vents keep it running cool and provide noise dampening.Once the lid has been opened you are presented with a matte black keyboard and a 15’ 6 inch HD/LED display. The keyboard lights up, which is an added bonus while gaming in 3D as you will be able to see each individual key. The short-cut keys are a great addition to the design and are positioned on the upper left near the screen; these are used to turn the lighting effects on or off, switch through battery modes and turn the 3D effects on and off.The G53SW is not the lightest machine to carry around, although it does beat hauling around a massive display and tower to attend LANs or other events.
Typing on the G53SW is a breeze for those of you that will use it for word processing, sending emails and other things that involve words and numbers. The only downfall is the size of the keys that are used for gaming; these seem to lack the larger design that other gaming laptops feature. Although this is not a major downfall, ASUS really should have considered larger keys.The touchpad has a great feel to it and is about as accurate as you would expect from a high end laptop. It also features pinch to zoom and the left and right mouse pad buttons are a pleasure to use.Display:
The G53SW pushes visuals to the limit with full 1920 x 1080 HD capabilities. Clean crisp colours is what you expect to get from a laptop designed for gaming and to be honest, this is exactly what you get. Movies and games look insane on the G53SW HD/LED display and the 3D capabilities are astounding.I had the pleasure of testing Call of Duty Black Ops on the G53SW and the end result was around 8 hours my life disappearing while playing in 3D. This was due to the fact that I just couldn’t pull myself away from the fantastic 3D visuals.The G53SW utilises NVIDIA GTX 460M with 1.5GB GDDR5. This graphics processor offers native DirectX11 for a huge graphics gain in high definition gaming and video capabilities.The G53SW  features 3DTV Play from NVIDIA, which projects the high definition graphics of this laptop onto any compatible 3DTV via HDMI 1.4. This includes 3D video, games and photos, making this laptop a massive entertainment system for home theatre use.

Sound:The G53SW presents crisp, clear sound quality and clear audio. Positioning the speaker’s right above the keyboard is rather clever and something that most laptop manufacturers should consider in future designs (thumbs up to ASUS).Gaming on the G53SW sounds fantastic and brings most games to life. Black Ops was great to listen to and I found myself wanting the pump up the volume every time something exploded. The best part of the sound is it is not over powering in the sense that it distorts, instead sound is crisp and clear and that’s what is truly needed while gaming or viewing Blu-ray Discs.Temperature:
While reviewing the G53SW I decided to see if this monster heats up over time and the results were pretty impressive, it runs fairly cool and doesn’t tend to reach the higher levels of heat I have experienced using other laptops.

The ASUS G Series G53SW 3D laptop is a monster in its own right; it features a quad-core Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX460M graphics, full HD display, 8GB Ram and 2x 500 GB Hard drives.The matte black stealth aircraft design is great and it gives the laptop a visually appealing look. The keyboard was a pleasure to use although larger keys would be welcomed.The display, sound and 3D capabilities on the G53SW were phenomenal to use and in addition offer a crisp, clear audio and visual experience. The G53SW runs fairly cool and is whisper quiet.Overall the G53SW 3D laptop is fantastic to use in everyday life as well as a monster when it comes to gaming. The only downside was the fact that it is quite heavy although this does beat hauling around a desktop PC to LANs and other events.

Instead of ending the review off with my rating, we took the ASUS, G53SW 3D laptop to the Ground Zero LAN hosted at the Klipriviersberg Recreational Centre in Kibler Park and gave PC gamers the chance to test it out, and here is what they had to say:

Travis Lima: “Really enjoyed playing on the laptop, it is definitely the future of gaming….. Um ITF Gaming do you think you can borrow it to me for the remainder of the weekend PLZZZZZZZ!!”

Carl Du Plessis: “The 3D laptop was pretty awesome! =) I wouldn’t mind getting one, but I think after a few hours, the glasses could give problems with my eyes. I would still use it for hours on end though…”

Mohammed Ebrahim Bhamjee: “The laptop was absolutely amazing! Playing a game with the 3D glasses brought the game a new level and that was so amazing! I would definitely want to buy the laptop.”

Mike De Wet: “It was awesomely awesome”

Andrew Lima: “The ASUS G-series is a really kick ass laptop. I must say was a real excitement to test it out at out LAN! Thanks to ITF GAMING!Ricardo Tavares: “The 3D on the laptop is freaken sick!!”

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