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ITF Gaming’s hottest cosplay and booth babes of rAge 2012

While travelling through rAge 2012, we happened to come across a myriad of exciting and creative Cosplayers. For those who do not know. Cosplay is the art of tailoring your own outfits that makes you look like either your favourite comic book/anime character or your favourite video game character. Some people even dress up like their favourite movie characters.

In addition to the Cosplayers who graced the expo floor, there were also quite a few attractive booth babes that we had to take some snaps of.

These are some of our favourites from rAge 2012, in no specific order.

In the Cosplay corner we have:


Assassin’s Creed:

Assassin’s Creed:


Kingdom Hearts:

Silent Hill:

Medal of Honor:

Now for the hottest and cutest booth babes and promoters at the event:

Assassin’s Creed III ladies:

The Turtle Beach and Gioteck ladies:

Kalahari babes:

Kalahari babes mixing it up with a little surgery:

Black Ops 2 Promoters:

Dion Wired babes:

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