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MWEB GameZone Black Ops II Launch: Going In Guns Blazing

The latest game in the First-Person-Shooter series, Call of Duty, entitled Black Ops II was released recently and what better way to celebrate this than by having a launch party. The MWEB GameZone team did exactly that on Tuesday, the 13th of November; the very day that the game was released.

I arrived at the venue with my fellow journalist Zombie Dredd only to find that we were early..really early. So early in fact, that the employees of MWEB hadn’t even left for the day yet. However, it wasn’t long before other enthused gamers arrived and checked in. Being a launch party hosted by MWEB, it wouldn’t be complete without everyone in attendance receiving a bag filled with goodies.

Shortly after a large crowd had formed, Desmond Kurz and his team lead us through to the famous MCave, the venue for pretty much all of the launches held at MWEB. As soon as people entered the doors, they either made for the food platters or one of the many open seats in front of a console or PC. Once everyone was inside, Kurz hopped on the microphone and welcomed everyone to the event. He also informed everyone about the Challenge-a-Pro competition in which attendees could challenge Call of Duty clan members in order to win some great prizes including Gioteck products, the Black Ops II game and a voucher to go fire some real guns at the False Bay Gun Club. All they had to do was get one kill against a pro to win while the pro would have to get 2 kills on their challenger in order to eliminate them. Pros that would send many a gamer a way empty handed were Chad from High 5, Lee from XtaZ, Nashief from Clan ASF or Brad from MWEB GameZone. Yes, I know Brad isn’t really a clan member; which is probably why people were challenging him most of the time, obviously looking for the easy way out. Tsk, tsk.

It wasn’t long before stacks of pizza came through the door and everyone decided to chow down. Mountain Dew also supplied the MCave with some of their product for the attendees to try out or just to wash the pizza down.

On show during the evening was a MAG motion gun controller. This looked pretty interesting and made me feel like I was standing in the arcade. The only difference is that the shooter was not on rails and the player is required to use the analogue stick to move around. The gun is used to aim and fire. It was confusing at first trying to navigate the level and then the gun started being buggy. I tried aiming straight while in the game but while holding the gun, I would be aiming at the floor. Something was wrong there.

Quite a few attendees actually dressed up for the event and it seems, for one of them, the effort would be worth it. It was a tough choice for the judges but ultimately Janrik Oberholzer emerged as the best dressed as he spent the weekend researching what the characters would be wearing in Black Ops II and materialised it in his costume. He walked away with a copy of the game and a Limited Edition Black Ops II t-shirt that came all the way from Gamescom.

Everyone played as much as of the game as they could. One of the highlights of the evening was the 8-man Free For All match on the Nuketown 2025 map. It was so chaotic to play with that many people on such a small map but man was it awesome.

Following the Nuketown madness, the guys from Clan ASF set up all the console players on the PC’s. I don’t think that I have ever sucked that much while playing Call of Duty. The PC players have my respect. I don’t know how you guys do it.

To end off the evening, Glenn Alexander from 2upGamers, Zombie Dredd from Zombiegamer, Marlon Sasman from Gecosports and I played a few rounds of a mode called “Sticks and Stones”. This mode allows the players to only use a Crossbow with explosive bolts, a Ballistic Knife and a Tomahawk in order to kill other players. If there was ever a mode to make you burst out laughing, it was this one. It makes things very interesting and is a lot of fun. Hell, I’d buy Black Ops II just for that mode if I could.

It was a great launch party and it seems that everyone had quite a good time. There were actually a lot more stragglers this time than usual. I can’t wait for the next launch party. See you there!

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