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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Review

Ubisoft introduces the killer return of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (ACB), which is set in Renaissance Italy as a direct sequel to Assassins Creed 2. The title once again follows the battle between the Templars and Assassins. Gamers also get to assume the role of Desmond on various occasions. Desmond lives in the present day and is able to experience the memories of his ancestor Ezio by using the Animus. The game shifts between present day and the past renaissance Italy.

The story picks up with Ezio returning from Assassin’s Creed 2, and is thrown straight into the midst of battle (I would like to stress that for any gamer that has not played through Assassin’s Creed 2 to play it first before venturing to AC Brotherhood). Cesare Borgia – Rodrigo Borgia’s son – is a retard (who is itching to experience a hidden blade) and mounts a masterful attack on the assassins. The villa in Monteriggioni has been destroyed and Ezio pretty much loses everything. I will not dive too deeply into the storyline, as I prefer gamers to experience this first hand. The storyline is a treat for any Assassin’s Creed fan.

Getting a little side tracked in ACB is a normal thing as the Gamer can take on various quests to obtain treasure chests, Assassination contracts and just exploring the world of ACB. To be honest, this is what open-world game-play is all about and guess what??? Mr. Leonardo Da Vinci is back once again, helping Ezio out.

The cities are a vast improvement from any other AC game. ACB brings life into these cities and Rome is definitely one of my favourite cities including Citadels, busy streets and some impressive landmarks. My opinion on the development of this title is that it is visually more impressive than the previous two titles. The Borgia towers are a major element in the game’s design when it comes to earning income, unlocking items and reducing Borgia guards across the city. By destroying a tower, Gamers can make missions less of a hassle.

Gameplay has improved dramatically as Ezio seems more fluent in his movements, attacks and general playability, everything just seems so much better including assassinations of unsuspecting victims. A major attraction to ACB is the online multiplayer, which adds an even better experience this title as the previous two titles lacked anything even remotely multiplayer. Multiplayer is great! The Gamer is given a mark to locate and kill, while also being hunted by other Online Gamers. This can be a difficult task, especially when the maps are big cities that have targets identical to NPC’s looming around. If a Gamer kills an ordinary citizen, no points are gained and the kill contract is removed and replaced with a new target to pursue. ACB has four multiplayer modes. Wanted and Advance Wanted are chaotic free-for-all sessions, with the Advanced being a more challenging version of Wanted with slightly different rules. Alliance, on the other hand separates Gamers into pairs to track down targets. Manhunt splits players into two teams, one-team hunts, while one team pretty much runs for lives hiding or blending in with to accumulate points.

ACB is awesome; I find the storyline appealing, although I was more interested in the multiplayer aspect of this title I have spent so many hours hunting and hiding these past few weeks it has been well worth it. Although Live has just been launched recently in SA I would like to recommend the Cell C Speed-stick for online gaming, but please be aware you have to be in the Cell C coverage area to obtain speeds of up to 21, 6 Mbps to prevent lag, this is a great option for those without home DSL.

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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