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15 Games that look epic in black and white

The world is a colourful and vibrant place, which in turn means that the various worlds featured in video games are equally vibrant and colourful. However, what if we did in actual fact see in black and white, or television never took the giant leap forward into colour back in the 1950’s? 

Truthfully, we would not know the wiser if the technology never branched out into colour, which means that while typing out this opinion piece my screen would indeed be black and white right now. This is why we have decided to come up with a list of games that would actually look pretty epic even if they were developed and designed in black and white only. Furthermore, we have compiled some screenshots and removed the colour just to show you how awesome these titles actually look.

If you feel the need to try out some titles in black and white, give us your opinion on your experience in the comments section below. Additionally, let us know of any titles you think would look epic in black and white. 

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