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X-Men: Destiny Review

Developed by Silicon Knights and published by Activision, X-Men: Destiny is the latest video game title based on the X-Men comic book series to hit gaming consoles worldwide. However, does this title live up to its widely popular comic book, animated and live action film counterparts or is it just a mutation on its own? Let’s find out, as ITF Gaming reviews X-Men: Destiny.

X-Men: Destiny is situated in the X-Men timeline just after the death of Charles Xavier, and starts off at a memorial peace rally in San Francisco for the late Charles Xavier. The rally may be mutant kind’s last hope for peace with humanity; however, the rally is attacked by a mysterious entity. As cliché as it might sound, the three mutants whose destiny’s lie in your hands obtain their abilities just as disaster strikes.

Each character has their own story and background in the X-Men universe; Football star Grant Alexander, Japanese refugee Aimi Yoshida, and Adrian Luca, who just so happens to be the kid of a anti-mutant advocate must chose who to side with, whether it be the Cyclops and the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants. While the player progresses through X-Men: Destiny, the storyline is pretty much the same, however each characters dialogue or personality differs substantially throughout the title.

As a child I grew up watching the X-Men battle it out against Magneto, in a never ending fight for peace and justice. I grew to know the characters and I had already set my mind on which characters were my favourites amongst the heroes and villains. X-Men: Destiny stays true to the original character concepts from the animated series, which was a real trip down memory lane. However, the storyline of X-Men: Destiny seems to miss this mark on a few occasions, as it feels short, monotonous and lacks the excitement of the original X-Men series.

While the storyline of X-Men: Destiny has missed the mark, the gameplay of this title is quite entertaining to be quite honest. Gamers gain the ability to equip their chosen character with some interesting abilities that range from: Density Control, Energy Projection and shadow Matter. In addition to these abilities, gamers can pick up X-gene enhancements, which primarily give the player the opportunity to experience a host of abilities used by their favourite characters from the series.

I will admit that combat in X-Men: Destiny also has a monotonous feel to it; however this is countered when one obtains new abilities throughout this title. Overall, most of the fun in this title comes in the form of testing out new abilities and tackling some crazy boss fights.

The sound experience in this title is great; the voiceovers have been done in a professional manner and so have the sound effects of the abilities and environments. An example of environmental sound would be hearing the floor board’s creek as my character stepped on to them. This added a nice feel, as well as some much needed authenticity to this title.

X-Men Destiny has a killer intro sequence and some good looking cut-scenes; however when it comes to gameplay X-Men: Destiny feels unfinished, unpolished and a slight rush job due to the patchy frame rate and duplicate enemies that you face. To be quite frank, X-Men: Destiny has a lot of potential, and could possibly fall in-line with the Prototype games if the developers spend more time on a sequel. Overall, X-Men: Destiny is not a bad looking game; however it needed more work in the graphics area and a larger variety of enemies to battle it out with.

X-Men: Destiny is not a bad game; it will bring back loads of nostalgia if you had the opportunity to watch the animated series. In addition the nostalgia factor, the gameplay is fun and offers a variety of abilities to test out and some crazy boss fights.

While the graphics in this title may not be the greatest, the sound of this title makes up for this. I do feel that X-Men: Destiny could have been in-line with the Prototype series if the developers spent more time on this title, as the X-Men franchise is one that could do this sort of attention. I believe that if a sequel is pushed out for Destiny the developers should aim for the intensity and experience that Prototype had on offer.

The Breakdown:
Storyline: 6/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 7/10
Graphics 5/10

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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