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Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

Auto-Bots lets roll!
Developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision, The Transformers series has been revived into a brilliant world of intense single and multiplayer action, unlike its predecessors, which turned out to be something we would rather watch someone else play or watch paint dry. With the release of Transformers War for Cybertron, Activision and High Moon Studios have hit the nail on the head!

Wage the War!
Set on Cybertron, the native beings are waging war against each other, as the planet is slowly being turned to dust, by each rival faction, The Auto-bots and The Decepticons.
The leader, Zeta Prime, has been turned into a pile of scrap metal, which starts the well known destiny of an inexperienced leader “Optimus” who will do anything to stop the infamous Decepticon leader “Megatron” from obtaining the Legendary Dark Energon.

So what can you expect?
Transformers WFC takes it to the next level, as gamers get to experience both sides of the story. Choose your alliance Auto-bots or Decepticons and get ready for some intense campaign combat. Change from Robot to vehicle in an instant at anytime.

Auto-bots in the blue corner!
Include the likes of the forever fearless leader Optimus who is packing enough heat to make a naval base look like a day care centre.

Bumblebee the best scout out there, packing an impressive Energon battle pistol that will smoke any Decepticon, waging war against his fellow Auto-bots.

Ratchet packs some heavy artillery, as he wields his assault rifle on any unsuspecting Decepticon in the way of truth and justice, while repairing any damage to his fellow team mates, it’s all in a day’s work.

Decepticons in the red corner!
Pulling in the most feared Leader, Megatron, the Auto-bots may find it a little tiresome being blown to bits by the most feared Decepticon alive, packing a very powerful fusion cannon, can you say Auto-bots Reassemble?

Barricade is not the kind of scout you would want tracking you down! Armed with a neutron assault rifle and speed this he is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Brawl is the Soldier of all Soldiers, with massive melee attacks expect to be turned into a steaming pile of scrap metal if you don’t take him seriously as an opponent.

Weapons are scattered throughout the world in this epic title, so be prepared to wage an assault against which ever opposing faction you see fit.

The Intensity makes us quiver.
Battle is intense in WFC and thus gamers will feel overwhelmed, as hordes of enemies try to take you down. Quick moves and pin point accuracy will be needed if you want to take on this brilliant title.

Multiplayer that will make you squirm.
WFC has various multiplayer modes which is probably the best we have seen, these modes range from the following:

Death Match: Free for all Auto-bots and Decepticon Action.

Team Death Match: choose your alliance and may the best team win.

Conquest: Capture and hold style game-play.

Count Down to extinction: Destroy the opposition by planting a bomb right where their base is sitting pretty.

Power Struggle: Capture the flag style game-play.

Code of Power: Will pull you in, as you vie for massive melee weapons.

All these multiplayer modes are extremely fun to play, and the intense combat you will experience will make you crave for more, with the bonus of leveling up and obtaining some very awesome perks and upgrades.

Verdict time!
I am going to have to say it, brilliance is a dish served metallic!
Transformers War for Cybertron is well worth having in any gamers collection.
It is truly a massive step up from the previous titles that were released, and is possibly one of the best third person games out there at the moment.

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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