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The Top 5 iOS Games

Editor: Brady Ruiters

Those in possession of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will know that there are a large number of games and apps on the App Store. I haven’t really had my iPhone that long but I have come across quite a few games that have really grabbed my attention. So I’ve narrowed down the amount of games to a list of which I think might just be my Top 5. Here they are in no particular order:

Dead Trigger
This was probably the first action game on my phone and had me quite addicted for quite a while after I had downloaded it. You play as a survivor of a zombie outbreak who finds a settlement of people in desperate need of a hero. The stranger just has the set of skills to help the people out. Dead Trigger is a First-Person Shooter which handles quite well for a game touch screen controls. There are a number of weapons to make use of during the game, provided that you have the right amount of cash saved up from completing missions. Players can also earn gold by completing daily bonus challenges. The gold is used to unlock some of the more powerful guns such as the minigun or as I like to call it, the meat grinder. Dead Trigger is free in the App Store.

The Room
One of my latest acquisitions, The Room, is a puzzle game which challenges the player but also keeps them wanting more. Each puzzle is unique and interesting with different tasks being required to solve said puzzle. It also challenges the player to think out of the box. You find yourself in a room with a safe that has been really well-locked, and the goal is to open it up. There are many other things which detail the story a little more, but you’ll find that the story is hardly the fun part.

Other details which tweak the experience of this game vary from amazing graphics, sound and a quiet, mysterious like feel in the room and of the gameplay, in addition to that safe you so badly want to open. All of these factors as well as the intricate puzzles you’re faced with adds to the desire to get that safe open as soon as possible. The game is never impossible to get through but it is still interesting enough to keep the player hooked. The first puzzle of The Room is free to try on the App Store while $1.99 will unlock the rest of the game.

Angry Birds
I’m sure many of you have seen this one coming but the Angry Birds phenomenon cannot be denied. The game is simple yet so much fun to play; anywhere and at any time. Well, maybe not at your job or maybe a funeral. All the player has to do is launch the birds across the level with a slingshot in order to exact revenge on the always plotting pigs. Players can also challenge themselves to use as few birds as possible when completing levels. A number of themed games have also been released to make the gameplay a little more interesting including Angry Birds: Seasons, RIO, Space and the most recent release, Star Wars. Each game costs $0.99 on the App Store.

ORC: Vengeance
This is quite a recently released game but it hasn’t stopped making waves since its first download. ORC plays very much like a Diablo-style dungeon crawler. The best part is that you can play a quality game like this wherever you go. Players assume the role of Rok, an Orc Warchief that was separated from his clan. The previously imprisoned Dark Lord has been freed because of the ego and pride of humans. Rok seeks to fix things by whoopin’ ass all over the different levels. The controls are pretty easy to get the hang of and the game looks great. Expect lots of loot, Role-Playing Game elements and challenging boss fights. ORC: Vengeance is a whopping $0.00! That’s right, absolutely free.

Infinity Blade
This game created quite a stir at its release in December of 2010 as it was the first iOS game to run the Unreal Engine 3. Infinity Blade starts with the player’s character launching an assault on the immortal God King’s castle. Unfortunately, the King’s guardian defeats the player and the God King drives the Infinity Blade through the character, absorbing his essence. 20 years later, the character’s descendant is out for revenge and decides to battle their way through the castle. The enemies are a little more challenging but the new warrior has all the items and skills of their fallen ancestor. Upon reaching the God King again, the new warrior is still not strong enough to take him down and so rises another descendant to take up the challenge. The gameplay comprises of one-on-one sword battles that can be rather challenging. The controls are easy to learn but quite tricky to master. Infinity Blade also looks amazing for a mobile game so players will not be disappointed with its visuals, especially when playing on some of the later iOS devices. It currently costs $5.99 on the App Store but frequently goes on sale, seeing the price drop to as low as $0.99.

Are there any games that you would like to add to the list? Post them in the comments section below.

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