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Six Ways Video Games Can Benefit Children Through The Holidays

Editor: Celina Jones

Video games can offer light relief from school work as well as being educational in their own right. Here is a look at the six best reasons to allow your kids to play video games during the school break.

Relief And Escapism:
We all need escapism from our daily lives, that is why we have holidays after all. Next time your child asks if they can spend time on the computer think about how much you last enjoyed watching a film or drama on TV. It is just as important as allowing them to watch their favourite TV shows.

Cognitive Skills:
Many games encourage a level of thinking that you simply don’t get from reading a book. Games by their essence require interaction which makes them instantly more enjoyable than passive learning options, especially games such as Scooby Doo. Games which build cities or focus on farms and other occupations will encourage children to make decisions based on weighing up options and then discovering cause and effect.

Hand/Eye Coordination:
One of the biggest advantages to allowing your kids to enjoy video games during the holidays is that it encourages their hand/eye coordination. This is especially true of sporting games such as golf, cricket or football although many games help with this. Several games such as Scooby Doo video games where children are cracking mysteries encourage problem solving skills.

Educational Games:
For children who don’t thrive in the classroom and also for those who do, educational games provide a method of leaning which is far more accessible than they are familiar with. Video games are not necessarily going to replace a teacher and a chalkboard, but they can help shy children learn in a comfortable environment or encourage children who don’t enjoy school to learn through play.

Many games feature inbuilt socialisation tools. Sometimes this is in the form of a chat box or through a camera or headphones and microphone. Obviously care needs to be taken that they are communicating with other children only. Some games require team skills and kids can play with their friends who are also online. The benefit of this is that you know who they are speaking to and it also helps them learn how to work as a team to achieve their goals.

Let Them Have Fun:
Although games offer a number of benefits as outlined above, it is worth remembering that they were first invented as a means of fun and what is wrong with that? Kids work hard all term and unless you have forgotten – it is not easy growing up. Children are entitled to a childhood and video games are a fun part of this. Provided you set limits on the amount of time they play there is nothing wrong with allowing them to play just because it is fun for them.

Video Games are sometimes open to bad press but in fact they can be hugely beneficial to your child. The constant pressure of school work means that kids need the holidays to relax and unwind and playing games can be a part of this. Many games are educational and help kids with Maths, English, Science and other subjects. Sport games canaid hand eye coordination whilst online games can encourage children to socialise with other kids. Decision making and other cognitive skills can be developed through computer games too.

Video games also offer stressed teenagers some much needed light relief, a bit of escapism and most of all, a chance to have a little fun.

About the Author:
Jones is a parenting blogger who encourages a range of learning methods in her kids. She also enjoys baking cookies and playing football at the weekends. She believes Scooby Doo is one of those cartoon games that can make your kids smile the moment they start playing it.

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