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Singularity Review

Stay Frosty Gamers!
From Raven Software and Activision publishing, comes a very fun first-person-shooter.

Welcome to Katorga-12 folks!
Singularity takes place on Katorga-12, an island where the Russians have been experimenting with a substance called E99 now you may think to yourself “Russians” Experimenting? That’s Crazy? Well during the Cold War something went wrong very wrong! A catastrophe called Singularity occurred, which caused the Island to be covered up by the Zee Russian Government.

You get thrown into Katorga-12 when your Chopper has been taken down by what seems to be a massive EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse), Nate Renko has been sent to investigate the highly bizarre radiation, that has been picked up on the island. After regaining consciousness, Nate finds the very cool TMD Device (Time manipulation Device) and realizes the world around him is being fluxed between the past 1955, and the present 2010. While all this craziness is happening around Nate, he still finds time to kick some serious mutant and Russian butt, using some devastatingly cool weapons.

The arsenal in my locker:
Weapons range from the Centurion Pistol, the AR9 Valkyrie machine gun, the Volk S4 Shotgun and the Kasimov SNV-E99 Sniper Rifle which are fully upgradable in the nearest weapons locker. Upgrades include: More ammunition, higher damage and higher capacity for those all important rounds of fire power. While Weaponry combat is fun, the true key to this games success is the Time Manipulation Device, This delivers a huge impact on game-play.

The abilities of the Time Manipulation device include:
Age Revert: This allows Gamers to move objects or humans back and forth through time, its function allows walk ways to be repaired by sending it back to a period where it was all new and shiny.  Age revert also allows gamers to turn blocked paths such as fences into scrap metal, as well as turn human opposition into a grisly pile on bones, which someone may sweep up?

Deadlock: Allows the Gamer to create a sphere, which slows down time or stops anything in its tracks for a momentary period, allowing intense battle to turn into shooting fish in a barrel.

Gravity: Is truly awesome, it allows gamers to grab an object and hold it in time, indefinitely.

Whilst these 3 are the only ones I will cover for now there are some extra awesome abilities that you experience while playing Singularity.

Will it scare the pants off me?
Whilst in the beginning of Singularity you may find yourself wondering around saying to yourself “I knew that would happen” there are many moments where you will possibly run out your room, or switch to some very well deserved cartoons, to block out the images running through your head. But believe it when I say it, you will be back for more! The Russian AI you encounter is vicious and their arsenal of weaponry will have you dodging bullets like wild fire. I won’t forget to mention the hostile mutated residents of Katorga-12 which will keep any gamer on the ready in-case one just bursts through the ceiling above you.

Multiplayer impact:
When I mentioned fun I meant it, Singularity has a great Multiplayer scope, and delivers some intense action in the midst of battle. Although there are only two modes which are available, you will be phoning up your mates, to whack themselves online so you can own everyone one of them, over and over again.

Verdict time!
Singularity is a great title! The ability to control various objects in time is an awesome concept; however, it does feature a few downsides, which include a non-existent mini-map and graphics that could have been polished for the better.

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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