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Shrek: Forever After Review

Far Far Away is now closer than you think!
Developed by DreamWorks Animation and published by Activision, comes a great title that is filled with family fun and adventure.

The Fairytale so far:
Shrek is longing for the days where Dragons were on the menu, the kingdom was in jeopardy, and the in-laws needed some classic fairytale rescuing, Shrek style! But what does an Ogre do when he is suddenly a family man, and a well respected good guy? He does what every Fairytale creature would do; sign a contract with the Evil Rumpelstiltskin.

The kingdom is now in shambles, as Shrek is thrown into an alternative version of Far Far Away, where Rumpelstiltskin is King, he and his beloved Fiona have never met, and his companions are no longer in sight.

The adventure begins as Shrek has to undo all the wrongs he has done, to save the world around him and his closest friends and hopefully restore Far Far away back to its original state.

Grab your Torch and Pitch Forks:
There is loads of family fun to be had with Shrek: Forever After, as a team based method of playing has been introduced, for everyone to enjoy, with a drop in and drop out approach, new players can jump straight into the action just by hitting the start button on any available control and play as Shrek, Donkey, Puss in boots or Fiona who each have their own special abilities which help to solve puzzles and take on any of Rumpelstiltskin group of bad guys.

Donkey Sing, Donkey Do:
Shrek: Forever after hosts some very iconic music from the previous films and is sure to grasp any of the younger gamer’s attentions.

The Final Chapter:
Shrek: Forever After is a family game, that will bring delight to any child that enjoys the previous movies or video games, so if you looking for a title for the young ones to play and actually enjoy I do suggest getting your hands on this title.

Verdict time:
I found myself enjoying some quality time with my nephew on this title, which really does bring in the family fun into the picture.

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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