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Alan Wake Review

Grab your torch and pitch forks!!! Ok, wait no pitch forks! Just the torch and a shotgun will be sufficient.

Alan has dreams, and when I say dreams not the fluffy bunny type! Developed by Remedy Entertainment, comes a story of a popular fiction writer. When travelling to Bright Falls with his wife Alice, to catch a break from fame, things start going wrong from day one. Alice goes missing, the towns folk are creepy and in general all things turn to nightmare for Wake in approximately 3.2 seconds. Alan Wake would not be your typical video-game hero… Thrown into the paranormal world, Wakes vacation takes a turning point as the sleepy town hits mass amounts of weird and insane events, Wake has to move fast forcing himself to become the protagonist of this long awaited title.

The catch phrase!
The game plays out in episodic format, pushing the story and making the gamer feel like they have just jumped into a television series or a very well written classic, with a deep psychological impact of course and the all important cliff-hanger. With the storyline in check, Alan Wake delivers some great moments with enough laughs and fear wrenching moments, which will make the Player want more psychological terror to infect their Medulla Oblongata.

Scared of the dark?
Don’t be as Wake usually packs his trusty flash light accompanied with a revolver, to tackle his enemies. Light is your weapon (apart from that big revolver I mentioned) and plays a big part in taking out the common enemy “The Taken” with various sources of light, such as a flare gun and flares, which burn away the darkness that covers “The Taken” Giving the Player an opportunity to strike, flashlight in hand and revolver bullets hurtling towards the now unprotected “Taken” .When overcome by the enemy, a dodge move is your best bet, which if performed just right allows you to keep your head for a moment longer.

Visual appeal right?
Bright falls and its surroundings are by far visually stimulating, with mountain and forest areas which will tantalize your visual senses.
Remedy delivered a town in which we all will love (during the day at least) and after that beautiful sun has set, launch ourselves to nearest light source and revolver.

The Audacity of it all!
The soundtrack is composed by Petri Alanko, which features “War” by the poets of the fall which is a prominent part of Alan Wake. Artists also included in this brilliant soundtrack include: Roy Orbison: In Dreams, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Up jumped the Devil, Poe: Haunted, Berry Adamson: The Beaten Sides of Town and Violet Indiana: Air Kissing, which is made available in the Extra’s menu to further push your fear of the dark.

The Length of it all.
With the episodic format, Alan Wake includes 6 episodes which are lengthy at times giving Gamers the opportunity to explore, see and hear the sights and sounds of Bright Falls (On occasion with some of the sights and sounds, we preferred to run in the opposite direction) Gamers will also be hunting down manuscript pages, which are narrated by Alan Wake himself, and are put together in a very well defined manner. Also on the cards for collectables is Coffee thermoses which are scattered around Bright Falls (Like Alan Didn’t have enough problems on his hands). Alan wake also has 3 game-play modes which included: Normal, Hard and Nightmare, missing manuscript pages can be picked up in Nightmare Mode, which gives us the opportunity to dive further into the world of Alan Wake.

The Verdict? Yes I have one!
Remedy and Alan Wake go hand-in-hand like bee’s and picnic patrons, drawn together by something that sweetens the deal, but leaves long lasting appeal. Alan Wake is a title which delivers although we have been waiting for this title since its first announcement in 2005, Alan Wake is something any Gamer should get their hands on and very fast.

Downloadable Content Say What!
Remedy recently announced that “Standalone Episodes” will be available on Xbox Live, but these will give the Gamer another perspective on the story, and the things that Alan Wake has been through. A sequel has been hinted but that relies solely on Remedy, as Alan Wake is only one part of a bigger series.

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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