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Mass Effect 3 Launch: Reaper Attack Survived

Friday, March 9th; a handful of Cape Town citizens have assembled at the MWEB headquarters after reported Reaper sightings in the city. Seeking refuge, I encountered Desmond Kurz, the leader of the M-Cave. To my surprise, I was greeted with open arms and a bag filled with goodies. After I had arrived, many more gamers, members of the press and other special guests started to pour into the building.

It wasn’t long before we were all ushered into the M-Cave and encouraged to sit down in front of one of the many screens, PC’s and consoles to take the battle to the Reapers. After every last attendee was inside, Kurz, the Head of Gaming at MWEB, hopped on the mic and welcomed all the guests to this special area of their offices.

After the initial welcome, Kurz proceeded to thank the many sponsors who helped make the event possible. Many attendees were eager to continue with their gaming but Bianca McFadyen from EA South Africa had other plans. McFadyen got the attention she deserved when she started giving away prizes in the form of Mass Effect 3 T-shirts and of course, copies of Mass Effect 3 for the PC and PS3. I was lucky enough to have my name end up being drawn but was for a PC copy of the game. I forfeited the prize so that someone who could actually play the game on their PC would be able to enjoy it. Next time I’ll win something, you’ll see.

Those who have seen our coverage of the 2upGamers 4th Dimension, may have seen that one gamer was brave enough to remove his shirt and dance in order to attend this launch event. Well, it seems that his topless dancing certainly paid off as he was lucky enough to walk away with a Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition, courtesy of EA South Africa. However, not before he was asked to remove his shirt again in order to get the prize. So, who’s laughing now?

The guys from Rectron were also in the house and were giving advice on what a gamer “should” have in their PC. They also gave away hard drives during the course of the evening. MWEB also handed out spot prizes to attendees who sat down at the “get along” table. This was a table where an Xbox 360 and a PS3 were set up next to each other, hence the unusual name. See? Co-existence can pay off.

The dinner for the evening was the exquisite meal of good ol’ pizza. To wash it down, tins of Red Bull were handed out. Needless to say, gamers were bouncing off the wall and used this energy to take the fight to the Reapers.

As mentioned before, all who attended the event were greeted with a goodie bag upon their arrival. Inside was a copy of NAG, a copy of GamesTM (a brand new gaming magazine in South Africa), MWEB merch, a R100 voucher an EA game and a 30% off voucher for GamersGate (a local site with over 3500 titles available for download). Nobody went home empty-handed. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

The event was a huge success. Even though all activity was scheduled to cease at 22:00, the guys from MWEB were gracious enough to let us stay a little bit longer. A big thanks goes out to Desmond Kurz and the rest of the MWEB Team, Bianca McFadyen and EA South Africa, Red Bull, Samsung, Kalahari and Rectron.

I had such a good time that my good ol’ friend Zombie Dredd (thanks for not trying to eat my brain this time) and I were the last two people to leave the venue. Thinking back now, I totally should have helped myself to one of the many posters littering the wall of the M-Cave. It might’ve been the end of the world after all.

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