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Alice: Madness Returns Review

Alice is coming, the Hatter is too! A bloody good time for just me and you! We will sharpen our knives and teapots too. As Alice Returns, The Madness seeps through!!! From Electronic Arts (EA) and American McGee’s Spicy Horse studio, comes a twisted story that is engaging, entertaining and viciously frantic.

For those of you that will be purchasing this title don’t be surprised if you don’t find the manual in the cover, it is supplied on the disk (thumbs up to the developers for saving on paper). Also included is a DLC code for the original American McGee’s Alice (thumbs up to the developers).

Madness in all shapes and forms!Alice: Madness Returns takes place after the events of the first title. Alice has been released from Rutledge Asylum and has been placed in the care of her psychiatrist, but Alice’s traumatic memories of her parent’s death continue to haunt her deeply. Although Alice has been stable, her memories are surfacing once again.

Alice: Madness Returns is a massive title and offers a substantially long storyline to play through. Each chapter hosts an array of collectibles that can be found throughout Wonderland.

This title has a deep, dark and engaging storyline and follows on from its predecessor quite smoothly. The dark and twisted elements can be felt throughout the storyline, as well as Alice’s demented outlook on the world. The storyline is engaging and the dark setting is portrayed perfectly in this rendition of Wonderland.

Alice: Madness Returns offers up frantic combat that is stylish, sleek and engaging. Alice’s movements are fluent during combat, dodging looks great and each attack feels vicious, especially when switching between weapons: the Vorpal Blade, Pepper Grinder, Teapot Cannon and the Hobby Horse (all of which can be upgraded). Controlling Alice’s movements through a dark and twisted Wonderland is another high point of this title. It was great fun using Alice’s triple jump combined with floating to navigate through each area, as well as Alice’s Shrink Sense to find hidden paths and areas that contain collectibles.

Another nice addition was Alice’s Hysteria mode, which assists a player when their health is critically low; Alice goes from your everyday tormented, psychologically fried victim to what I can only describe as a demonic ass-kicking, no holds barred, tormented, psychologically fried demon.

As much as I have enjoyed playing through this title is does occasionally freeze up, hopefully the developers will bring out a patch to correct this issue. Apart from this, this title is fantastic.

The transition between a dark and morbid London setting to a picturesque colourful, yet tormented Wonderland is graphically charming. The characters have been designed in a creative fashion that really grasps the insanity of the storyline. The enemies you will face in this title look superb, they are creatively twisted and contorted like something from a real nightmare.The cut-scenes have been designed in a two-dimensional fashion, much like paper cut-outs, and really brings Alice’s twisted story to life.

Alice: Madness Returns looks great, although it does have a few flaws. Alice’s shadow looks like it does not know what it’s doing on occasions. Another thing I noticed in the beginning of chapter 1 was the textures on the walls and floors seemed to glitch in certain areas, this was not a game ending issue but it did look out of the ordinary as well as very inconsistent.

The music in this title is eerie and really fits in well with the games appearance. The voice actors portray each character surprisingly well, which adds depth and life to each character accordingly. The Mad Hatter sounds like a demented lunatic which was fantastic, although Alice on the other hand seemed a little dull on occasions.

Alice: Madness Returns offers up some great gameplay that can only be described as fun, frantic and vicious. The storyline is engaging and the dark setting fits perfectly in this rendition of Wonderland. The voice actors portray each character well and bring life to this title.

Although Alice: Madness Returns is a great title, it does freeze up on occasions and certain textures seem to glitch and look inconsistent, as I noted before hopefully the developers can patch these issues.

The Breakdown:
Storyline: 9.5/10
Gameplay 8.5/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Predominantly reviewed on Xbox 360.

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