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2upGamers release the 4th Dimension

The 2upGamers phenomenon has been met with resounding success. So much so, that a bigger venue had to be chosen in order to accommodate for the growing number of attendees with each event. The fourth event entitled the ‘4th Dimension’, took place on the 2nd of March 2012 where it all began for these events, Rygersdal Sports Club in Rondebosch. While it started with about 40 gamers, the number has since grown to close to the 100 mark.

Familiar faces and also some new ones arrived at the venue, eager to get the evening underway. One by one, they were all ushered inside and took their seats before being greeted by the 2upGamers Team of Glenn Alexander, Hylton Arendse and Ashley O’ Neill.

After the initial welcome, the Cape Town Showdown team took the stage to talk about the local fighting game scene and their third event aptly titled ‘3rd Strike’. They are determined to really build up a following of gamers who are fans of fighting games and make their events bigger and better. Currently, the tournaments are only taking place on the PS3 system but the team is looking into including the Xbox 360 after the ‘3rd Strike’. The next event will take place at SettlersHigh School in Bellville on the 27th and 28th of April.

Next up on stage was Nick Holden and Stuart McGarrick from Clan Connection, who explained to the attendees what their plans are for the future and man are they interesting. They intend to focus on more console-driven tournaments and the team is in the process of setting up a Modern Warfare 3 PS3 tournament. After the success of their Xbox 360 tournament, it seems that they are destined to rise up pretty quickly. For those who didn’t know, the last tournament featured the first SA livestream of a competitive final match. The 25th of March is when the PS3 final will take place and that too, will be streamed live. Be sure to keep an eye out for that one.

Desmond Kurz from MWEB was also at the event and had an exciting announcement for everyone present. The 9th of March is when MWEB will be hosting the Mass Effect 3 Launch Event and Mr. Kurz had an invite for one lucky gamer. What’s the catch? Well, whoever wanted the opportunity to attend this awesome event would have to compete for it…in Dance Central. The person with the highest score would win the event invite. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

Last but not least up on stage was Jeremi “Jeeva” Avenant. It seems as that the night was full of big surprises and Avenant’s project was no different. He definitely had the attention of everyone in the room when he announced the creation of a GamerNET House. Yes, you read that right, a house. The house question is being set up in Boston, Bellville and should be open in a few weeks time if all goes according to plan. The house will feature a 36 point LAN room and there will even be a gaming shop. How awesome is that? Avenant is also involved with another project called Barcraft. This project however is in conjunction with Vitriolic Gaming. According to, it’s a place to enjoy “beers, babes & battles”. It originally started in America but has now found its way to South Africa, which is great!

Judy Loubser from Takealot was present at the ‘4th Dimension’ and came bearing gifts. During the course of the evening, prizes were given out between the different speakers. I’ll say one thing; Loubser came prepared to make friends with the lucky gamers. Prizes given away on the night include Authenticators, Diablo III Beta Codes, a Diablo III Collector’s Edition (when it’s actually released) and finally, a brand-spanking-new 250 GB Xbox 360 Slim console. To all the winners: I am so very, very envious of you.

Even though 2upGamers has become too big for the Friends of Design venue, Philipp Schmid and Lars Espeter were still showing their support for the event. To further show their support, they gave away 10 design courses worth over R2000 each and intend to do so at all 2uoGamers events for the rest of the year. Twenty gamers competed in rounds of Street Fighter to win one of these desirable vouchers.

Since EA could not attend these events consecutively, they sent prizes in order to compensate for their absence. These gifts came in the form of SSX, FIFA Street, Syndicate, Grand Slam Tennis 2, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Mass Effect 3. There were two copies of each game, six for Xbox 360 and another six for PS3. Gamers entered via Twitter to stand a chance to win one of these hampers.

After all the speakers had done their bit, the pizza had arrived and many heads turned after smelling the aroma of the dinner for the evening. Gaming, pizza, Monster energy drinks and socialising; that pretty much sums up the rest of the evening. Familiar faces were seen and new friends were made, a common occurrence at the 2upGamers events.

After everyone had had something to eat, Glenn Alexander hopped on the microphone once again to announce the commencement of the dance-off and fighting contests, which, as you can imagine, was rather entertaining.

Another month, another successful 2upGamers event; at this rate, this community will only continue to grow. The next event is scheduled to take place on the 6th of April and missing it would be a mistake. Keep an eye on or check them out on Facebook to stay updated.

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