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Who had the best stand at rAge 2014?

rAge 2014 has come and gone; however, a lot of the distributors and retail stores went out of their way to showcase their content, in the biggest and best ways possible, to gamers who came from across the country to check them out. The team at ITF Gaming decided to check out all the stands and highlight the top three stands at the 2014 rAge Expo.

Not only did we look at the games on show at each stand, but we also marked each stand for visual appeal, content on display, helpfulness and knowledge of staff on the stand, and brand identification. The contenders are as follows:


PlayStation South Africa/Warner Bros.
PlayStation South Africa and Warner Bros. teamed up this year at rAge 2014. Not only did they feature some great games, but the Mortal Kombat X stand was most probably the busiest stand at rAge this year. Gamers from across the country came to check out Mortal Kombat X, and I can quite honestly say that the team did a great job when it came to crowd control.

Furthermore, the Warner Bros. stands were well thought out and showcased some great content. To add to this, the Warner Bros. stands were visually appealing and you always knew what you were playing. While PlayStation also had some great content… unfortuantely some of the games on the main PlayStation stand were unidentifiable to some folks checking them out.

What was on show?
– Mortal Kombat X
– Dying Light
– LittleBigPlanet 3
– PES 2015
– The Evil Within
– Lego Batman 3
– The Order 1886
– SingStar: Ultimate Party!
– Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

rAge 2014 (2)

Nintendo South Africa
Nintendo South Africa has always had a huge presence at the rAge expo. Not only is the team friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to give a hand, but they also have the ability the showcase games in a way that makes you feel extremely welcome on the stand. One thing we liked about the stand at this year’s rAge Expo was the fact that your could identify each game that your were playing. So no matter whether you were playing Hyrule Warriors or Super Smash Bros. you always knew what you were checking out.

What was on show?
– Hyrule Warriors
– Super Smash Bros.
– Splatoon
– Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
– Yoshi’s Wooly World
– Amiibo Figurines

rAge 2014 (3)

Megarom Interactive
Megarom Interactive has a tendency to go all out at rAge 2014, which is exactly why every single game that they showcase seems to have an extremely long line of people attached to them. Furthermore, the stand is extremely visible from just about anywhere in the dome, and each game has its own separate, high quality signage attached to it. To add to this, over the past few years each game on the stand had a separate theme… So if you playing Assassin’s Creed you will most probably run into a Pirate or an Assassin depending on the day.

Also placed very neatly next to the Megarom stand was Evolve, which was a massive highlight for not only ITF Gaming, but also many consumers attending rAge 2014. Folks would literally sprint to the Evolve stand as soon as the doors to expo opened.

When it comes to staff, each member of staff on the stand was extremely knowledgeable on the content they were showcasing. This goes to show that the team at Megarom are well prepared way before rAge even starts. It is this sort of professionalism that really draws in a crowd.

What was on show?
– Evolve
– Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal
– Far Cry 4
– The Crew
– NBA 2015
– Skylanders Trap Team
– Destiny
– WWE 2015
– Assassin’s Creed Rogue
– Assassin’s Creed Unity

rAge 2014 (1)

Who takes the prize?

Between PlayStation South Africa, Nintendo South Africa, and Megarom Interactive… we would have to say that Megarom Interactive has officially been awarded the 2014 rAge “Stand of the Year” Award from the team at ITF Gaming. In second place comes Nintendo due to the helpfulness of the staff on the stand and the identifying factors of each game. In third place comes PlayStation. While PlayStation had a great presence at rAge 2014 some of the games on the stand were unidentifiable by regular consumers. Apart from that, the team at PlayStation had a fantastic line-up on the stand.

Who took your breath away at rAge 2014? Let us know.

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