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E3 2015: Ubisoft starts and finishes strong

Ubisoft’s E3 2015 conference had quite a showing with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege, to name a few.

The conference started off with an announcement trailer for South Park: The Fractured But Whole (see what they did there?). Introduced by regular Ubisoft host Aisha Tyler, Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) came up on stage to talk about their new game.

The Fractured But Whole takes place after The Stick of Truth and focuses more on the kids as super heroes as opposed to the mages and warriors from the previous game.

Yves Guillemot then appeared on stage to talk about Ubisoft and introduce a new IP by the name of For Honor. The game was introduced with a video depicting warriors from different eras; knights, vikings and samurai are the three types featured. Two teams with four warriors each faced off against each other in the midst of a siege. The executions are rather brutal but the swordplay looks great.

Aisha Tyler then returned to the stage to talk about The Crew and some of the collective achievements accomplished by gamers all over the world.

Following this, a video of The Division was shown. The video takes place on New Years Day and sees three players exploring something called the “Dark Zone”. The Division also officially has a release date; it’ll be out worldwide on March 8 2016.

Next up, a video was shown revealing the next instalment in the popular building game Anno. Anno 2205 is the next game in the series and seems to focus very much on space and colonisation.

Jason Altman then appeared to talk about Just Dance and how far its come since its last instalment. Just Dance 2016 will allow players to use their smartphones as a controller, making a camera attached to your console unnecessary. After sharing this fact, as surprise was revealed on stage; Jason Derulo performed a song from the upcoming Just Dance 2016. The game will be out in October 2015 with the Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions featuring a streaming service come release.

Another trailer was shown for Rainbow Six: Siege featuring Angela Bassett as Six before she showed up on stage to talk about her character and the role she plays in the game.

A live gameplay demo was then shown of players taking part in Terrohunt, in which the team has to disarm bombs. After the team succeeded in their mission, it was revealed that Siege will have a beta in September this year.

Next up was Trackmania Turbo, a gravity defying racer that features fast cars, winding tracks and an impressive track creator.

Following the brief demonstration, a new trailer was shown for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate depicting Jacob Fry engaging in some hand-to-hand combat.

Yves Guillemot made his way to the stage once again to introduce a surprise trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands. The trailer focuses on a single operation but with different approaches and Ghost Recon’s signature squad-based gameplay. It looked incredible.

Ubisoft showed off  a good selection of games this year. Some of the newly announced IP’s look amazing!

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