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E3 2015: EA hits us hard with Star Wars: Battlefront

The EA conference kicked off with a brief but tantalising teaser for Mass Effect Andromeda. It looked good and really caught me off guard.

Following the initial welcome, a rather pretty trailer was shown for Need for Speed. It seems to really go back to the streets. It is expected to be released on November 3. The game is said to feature an open world and will have a lot of customisation.

Following this, a video was shown which detailed the various customisation options when it comes to your vehicle. Additionally the video shows a driver racing through the streets and evading the cops in order to get noticed by people in the racing world.

Jeff Hickman was up next to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hickman announced that their new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, will go back to BioWare level of storytelling. In addition, the expansion will be free to all subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Next up was a game called Unravel from Coldwood Interactive, which was discussed by creative director Martin Sahlin. Unravel features a character made of Yarn by the name of Yarni who is trying to tie all of his pieces back together, go figure. All of the puzzles in Unravel will be physics based and will require you to think about how you will need to progress. According to Sahlin, the game is a metaphor for life. The portion was concluded with a gameplay video of Unravel; it really looks quite good.

Following the video, a Zombie appeared on stage to signal the beginning of the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. A new 4-player Zombie mode entitled Garden Ops was showcased the zombies’ various abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The match was played on Zomburbia, one of the maps in the game. All owners of the original game will be able to transfer their characters into Garden Warfare 2. It’s out in Autumn 2016 and will have free content updates to ensure that it is “action packed”

Starting off the next section was a video of NHL ’16 where a coach delivers a pep talk to his team. The video also featured some bashing, speedy skating and slow-motion goal shots. Following this was a number of pieces of footage from various EA Sports titles and their prowess using the Frostbite Engine.

NBA Live 16 executive producer Sean O’Brien discussed how the game is all about self expression and how the game is all about the player. It features anew app with face scanning tech.

A bit of FIFA 16 was shown and focused on FIFA trainer, body scanning and the addition of a Women’s League Team.

Shortly after, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was shown and will cover Faith’s origin story. The game won’t feature any levels and won’t any loading screens. The game is out February 23 2016.

One of the biggest games of the conference was Star Wars: Battlefront. The portion of the conference featured gameplay footage of the battle of Hoth, from The Empire Strikes Back. Captured on the PS4, the video featured both first and third-person gameplay footage both on foot and from inside vehicles. It looks rather spectacular. Star Wars: Battlefront is out November 17.

The game will contain 40-player online as well as 8-player. Missions can be done solo, but will contain AI companions, via Missions.

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