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Someone beat Dark Souls using only their voice

As if beating Dark Souls wasn’t hard enough, Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin has managed to beat the game using only his voice.

We’ve seen it done before using a Rock Band controller and also Donkey Konga bongos. Now, Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin has managed to beat Dark Souls using only voice commands. Gwin detailed his endeavour in a Reddit post in which he mentioned that the technique had been suggested “many times”.

“I used VoiceAttack ( to translate voice controls into keyboard presses. For the most part the detection was good, but the latency was around 1.5 seconds, and commands couldn’t be chained together quickly. I ended up with a wide variety of commands (including some complex macros) but it was still extremely difficult.

30 hours of suffering, almost losing my voice several times, and 485 deaths later, I finally completed the game. 111 of those deaths were to O+S alone, not even counting the deaths on the way to the boss. I considered giving up and summoning Solaire a few times, but in the end I persisted and won the fight solo.”

Of course, this isn’t Gwin’s first attempt at using unorthodox methods as he has previously completed the game using the Donkey Konga bongos, a Rock Band guitar controller and finally, the Rock Band drum controller.

Have a look at the video below where Gwin using only voice commands, manages to defeat possibly the toughest boss in Dark Souls, Ornstein and Smough. These guys are no joke, even when playing with an actual controller, making Gwin’s defeat of the duo even more incredible.

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