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In Pictures: GeekFest 2015

GeekFest 2015, hosted by the team at Dark Carnival,  was an absolute blast as always. This year, felt like the biggest year ever! Held at Huddle Park, in Johannesburg South Africa, the event drew in thousands of attendees. Not only did the event host the latest Mortal Kombat Tournament, but it also had a range of activities that attendees could take part in.

There was real snow (okay it was a gel, but hey it was snow none the less), Cosplay competitions, market stalls, and live bands. Additionally, there was a beer garden as well as a rather intense Zombie Run. Attendees even had the opportunity to bring their four-legged friends along in order to geekout with them too.

Overall, with a host of activities and plenty to do, GeekFesst 2015 was an absolute success. All we can say is congrats to the folks at Dark Carnival for putting together such an epic event. Additionally, we would like to congratulate Jonathan Bester on hosting an amazing Mortal Kombat Tournament as well as send out a huge congratulation to the tournament winner, Terry-Lee Cloete.

A big shout out to the folks we ran into, which included Devin Green, Martin-J Tshoaedi, Carla Van Der Westhuizen (who was incognito), as well as Han Cilliers, who did a great wrap-up article for GeekFest 2015, which can be found here.

Images are not to be altered or used without the permission of ITF Gaming and the Photographer, Darryl Linington.

Gallery photography by Darryl Linington.

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