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Gigabyte Star Wars: Battlefront Launch

Star Wars: Battlefront has been highly anticipated by the gaming community for two main reasons: it’s a Star Wars game made by Battlefield developers DICE. What better way to celebrate the launch of the game than with a launch party at the MWEB GameZone M-Cave thanks to Gigabyte.

The evening started off with many a gamer showing up for the launch gathering in the foyer after checking in at the front desk. Just after 6pm once most of the attendees arrived, the guests were welcomed by Desmond Kurz, the digital and gaming manager for MWEB. When asked if everyone was ready to play some Star Wars: Battlefront, the crowd responded with a spirited “Yeah!”.

After the welcome, the guests were led past security to the famous M-Cave where the tables had been set up with PC’s and Xbox One consoles all running Star Wars: Battlefront. Shortly after everyone had been given time to settle in and grab a few snacks, Kurz hopped on on the microphone once again to welcome everyone to the M-Cave. Once the obligatory welcome had been done, Kurz introduced Gareth Woods, the MC for the evening. For those who don’t know, Woods is a local comedian, blogger, gamer and musician. Woods introduced himself and cracked a few jokes to get the crowd warmed up. He then explained the events for the evening and how the competitions would work. Attending gamers could take part in different events in order to better their chances at winning one of the many prizes up for grabs on the night.

Also in attendance at the event was fast-growing online store, who had quite the pile of Star Wars products including LEGO, games, books and DVD’s. Among the pile of loot (excuse the pun) were three units of the rather limited Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition; there was one unit available for each platform. In addition to the Star Wars items and games, also had a fair amount of Gigabyte products on display. Before the attendees were let loose on the M-Cave, Desmond Kurz called up Marthinus Versfeld, the senior category manager for the store, just to talk about some of the special prices they had specifically for this event. At the end of the night, it seems that their pile of items had shrunk by a fair amount as a result of all the sales made during the course of the evening.

Throughout the evening people socialised, ate some delicious snacks and had some hands-on time with the game. In addition to Star Wars: Battlefront, attendees also had the opportunity to experience VR or Virtual Reality in the form of the Oculus Rift. After trying the device myself, which simulated controlling a mech suit, coming back to the real world was a little disorientating, a sentiment that everyone seemed to share after taking off the device. However, it was still a rather interesting experience.

At the end of the evening there was a prize giving for the attendees who had participated in the relevant events in order to get their names into the draw. One by one, attendees who were lucky enough to have their name drawn from the box, were allowed to select on of the five mystery boxes on display. Each box had a prize ranging from a Gigabyte mouse to an incredible BenQ gaming monitor. Each of the winners walked away with a smile on their faces, even more so the lucky winner who walked away with the monitor. After all of the mystery boxes were opened, one last cardboard box was left untouched. A final draw was done in order to get a winner for the box. After a winner was chosen, the crowd chanted for it to be opened. The box was filled with Star Wars goodies courtesy of the folks at, with one of the items being a Jedi Bathrobe. Nice!

Aside from the main prizes, all of the cosplayers were given something for the effort put into their costumes. Additionally, everyone who walked through the door was given a goodie bag

Overall, it was an awesome event. Aside from seeing old faces and some new, the Cape Town gaming community got to spend some hands-on time with Star Wars: Battlefront at the M-Cave while enjoying some great food and entertainment. See you at the next event!

Brady Ruiters

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