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Resident Evil 7 demo walkthrough and ending

The Resident Evil 7 Teaser is now available to PlayStation Plus members. The game is expected to land in 2017, and has been developed by the talented team at Capcom.

The demo is roughly around 20 minutes long, and feels more like the past P.T experience. When it comes to story, the demo follows a cameraman, host, and producer as they explore an abandoned house.

The demo is genuinely creepy, and well worth multiple playthroughs. Players have reported multiple ways to exit the house as well as found various different items. There is also a mysterious girl who keeps popping up; however, this is not something I came across… unless I missed it?

According to Capcom, the demo does not represent the final product, and Resident Evil 7 will be more like the classic Resident Evil experience.

“Puzzle solving, resource management, and combat” are all “coming down the line,” director Koushi Nakanishi told IGN. “They’re all in there, but we’re focusing on horror has come home as a kind of theme for the teaser demo. So if you thought the games were going away from horror in previous years, this is just a statement of intent, purpose, to say it’s back.”

Check out the gameplay below. Video contains strong language, and gore.

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